Poor Mr. Pumpkin

When we went to light our pumpkin last Tuesday I noticed a funny dark spot on it's face.

When I turned on the porch light I saw this:

Seriously nasty.

By Thursday, the dude was pretty much a big ball of mold and parts of it looked like a dead Fairydog.

I'll save you those pictures.  Ask Amber, they weren't pretty.

What was pretty was my little Peacock. 

Err, I mean, Blue Fairy.

The girls got to dress up for ballet on Thursday and it was mighty cute!


Anonymous said...

Very cute :o) Next time try smothering your pumpkin with vasoline or olive oil. It will help keep it longer (though I forget to every year!)

kimmer said...

Oh, she looks beautiful!what a pretty costume! You have great imagination for putting it all together! Bravo!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Just adore the peacock costume and we are in the same boat on our pumpkins. YUCK! Kerri

Amber said...

So why is everyone else spared from the nasty pumpkin pictures and not me???