Little School - Scarecrows!

This week's Little School was a little different.  We got brave and loaded the kids up for a Field Trip!

A few weeks ago I heard about Scarecrows In The Garden at the Griffin UGA Campus.  It looked neat so we made plans to go.

How on Earth have I lived here for 10 years and never been to the UGA Gardens?!?!

It's only 10 minutes up the road and it was seriously amazing.  I bet the place just rocks in the Spring.  You can bet we will be making lots and lots of trips back to the Gardens!

The kids were so well behaved and all had a great time.  We walked around, checking out all the awesome scarecrows.

And then we set them free to explore!

Josie couldn't keep her little feet on the ground!  They had so much fun!

And we found some great plants.  Some with leaves bigger then my kids heads!

Payton's shirt was the best!

Scare Crow.  Get it??!?!

Ashley whipped up these little scarecrow snacks for our picnic.

How cute are they!?!?

Rice Crispie Treats, Shredded Wheat hair, muffin hat, raisin eyes, candy corn nose, frosting smile!

The weather was amazing and the day was just perfect.

The Gardens hosts a lot of really fun events all year long so if you live in the area, I highly recommend it.  I'm planning on taking a Mommy Day soon and going there to read surrounded by flowers!


Brooke said...

Our local garden is having a scarecrow event where each kid gets to make their own scarecrow. It should be fun as well!