Our Little School Room

I have our curriculum and we are stocked to the gills with construction paper and glue sticks, which means we are about ready to start our very first school year!

I still have to do quite a bit of the actual lesson planning, but it's Nascar Weekend here in Georgia which means the Waffle House will be hopping and Andrew will be working late, so I'll be finishing up all the planning.

Our little school room is almost set up!  I need to spray paint her desk a fun color and finish up the bullitin board and I would really like trays to do the Tray System, but we're almost there!

Everything on the board came from either Homeschool Creations or 1+1+1=1.

I finally got around to cleaning out the closet in the toy room and it is all set with our supplies.

This shoe organizer turned supply holder is my new best friend.  I love how clean and organized it makes me feel!

We had our first meeting with the Preschool Co-op we are going to do this year and it made me So excited!  We have some seriously fun stuff planned!

Little School (what I'm calling our entire Preschool Year) will officially start on Tuesday.  The plan is to have school 5 days a week and take Sunday and Monday off each week.  

Each day we will read our B4FIAR book and do a couple projects that reinforce that, a couple pages of Handwriting Without Tears Get Set For School book, and a Daily Activity.

I've broken the Daily Activities into 10 groups and we will do 2 each school day.

Tuesday - Raising Rock Stars and Coloring
Wednesday - Fine Motor Skills and Sight Words
Thursday -  Library and Ballet
Friday - Cooking/Baking and Practical Life Skills
Saturday - Painting and Math

None of them will be huge projects or take very long to complete, but I felt like those were the "subjects" I wanted to be sure to cover this year.  Plus they are all things I know Josie is going to love!

Baby V's visits are going to be Tuesday and Thursday mornings so this should end up working out just right.

Now to just lay out what we are actually going to do next week!


The Fifth Street Mama said...

Great color on the walls! We are in the midst of building our house and I hope to have a fantastic school room next year :)

Stacy said...

I love, love, love the shoe holder organizer for craft supplies! I'm totally going to pick one of these up the next time I'm at Walmart! Thanks for the idea!

Kim said...

Sounds like you are ready! I love the shoe organizer!

kimmer said...

Looks like you are set to go! I just know that Josie is going to love learning and all the fun and educating things you have planned! She's got the best and most loving teacher ever! You're such a cool mom!

Anonymous said...

Love your room. It looks great! Hope you have a wonderful year. Following from the Hop :)