Our 5 Senses

We had our second day of Little School yesterday and it was a very busy one!

We learned all about how we can use our 5 senses to experience God's World.  It was a lot to pack into our time, but we did it!

Tiffany made these great faces for them to cut out and glue onto their heads.  She talked about how we use each piece.

And Ashley had them do hand prints for touch.

For hearing, I took them outside and had them close their eyes and tell me what they could hear.  After a few very silly responses, they did an excellent job hearing very quiet noises.  I also read our B4FIAR book, "The Quiet Way Home."

Then we used our ears to hear some awesome dancing music!

For smell I made some smelly cotton balls and just had them smell it.  I tried to get them to identify the smell, but that was a bit over their heads so we just talked about whether they liked the smell or not.

I used garlic, vanilla, lemon, and perfume.

For seeing, Tiffany had them do an awesome scavenger hunt!

And for taste, they ate some gooey JELLO! 

Ashley wrapped the whole lesson up with something that covered all the senses and got this reaction from the kiddos:

A real popcorn machine!

They loved it!

This week was a little busy for them.  Next week we are narrowing it down a little.  I'm hoping if we do fewer activities but spend more time talking about it, they will retain it a little better.  But it was a super fun day!


kimmer said...

Wow! Looks like big fun at Little School! The photo of Josie dancing is Amazing! I can just feel the rhythm!

Forest Rose said...

Wow...looks like you had a really fun week. Thanks for posting all your great ideas we are working on senses as well, we did taste this last week. Blessings to you and your beautiful kiddos!