Chicken Run

Sometimes I forget that I live on a farm.

I don't have to milk cows or collect eggs in the morning.  

I can hop in my car and be at Target in a short 15 minutes.

We don't plow or bale hay.  And unless you count the baby's diaper issues, we don't deal with manure.

But then there are other times when it is undeniable that we do indeed live on a farm.

Like when the cows got out and blocked our driveway for 2 hours.

Or when Josie and I were sitting outside Sunday night, enjoying our Chicken Enchiladas, and a chicken sashayed across our backyard.

Josie fell in love with him and we spent the next 30 minutes following the guy around.

Lord help me when she figures out that kind of chicken is the same kind in our enchiladas!


Amber said...

Ha! Poor thing, don't tell her yet!

I love the church nursery sticker still stuck on her back! : )

Kameron said...

Nate had a realization last night when we were looking at a book and there was a whole fish on a plate on the table in the story. He was so concerned with why there was a "dead fish" on the table. I tried to skirt the issue, but ended up telling him we eat the fish. lol