7 Months

This handsome little bugger is 7 months old today!

The end of this week will also mark 2 months in the Pope House for him.

While he is still a super sweet baby, this month was not as easy sailing as the first one.  We had quite a few near sleepless nights and his reflux is trying to make a come back which resulted in a lot of crying (on his part and mine!)

But those rolls?  They are still around and one look at them usually makes me forget the rough stuff!

The Doctor claims he is teething, but so far no teeth.

He is working on sitting up.  He can manage to balance for about 30 seconds before he topples over. 

We are also working on getting him to put weight on his feet when we hold him in a standing position. 

The kid eats like a champ.  We started him on 2nd foods and he loves every single one.  I've threatened to start making his food, but that day has yet to come.  He will probably be on solids before I commit to it!

He is mostly sleeping through the night.  We had a few all nighters that didn't seem to have a reason.  Teeth, tummy, testing my will.  Not sure, but I ended up winning every time so I'm hoping that little phase is over.

I've tried to get him on a steady schedule, but honestly, DFACS seriously gets in the way of that happening.  He still needs two naps a day and since the visits require 2 hours of travel time and 2 hours of visits, those days are totally screwed up.  Then he spends the next day trying to play catch up on his sleep thus throwing that days schedule off too.  Basically Wednesday and Saturdays we are able to stick to a schedule.  Those are the days he is the happiest.

He is Josie's number one fan.  If she is in the room, he is watching and laughing at her.

He wears 6-9 month tops and 3-6 month pants.  He also gained 2 pounds this month.

His favorite things to do are eat, sit in the Exersaucer, and roll around on his playmat.

Overall, he is still an awesome baby and we are loving every second with him.  It's crazy to think of how much he is growing!


The Henrys said...

he is such a cutie! I know you all have just fallen in love! We had our first placement yesterday, who is just a month younger that Baby V. Sadly, they let him go back to bio mom the next day while we were at work. It is amazing how attached you can get in such a short time!

kimmer said...

He is so adorable...wish he were here, too. We love you, too, baby boy!