On Making Friends

Josie spent the first two years of her life surrounded by little boys.

These little men were the children of our friends.

Sort of built in friends.

She learned to play and share and tackle with these little boys.

Most of her weekends were spent playing with them since most of our weekends were spent hanging out with their parents.

But over the past 6 months, Josie has started to strike out on her own in the friend department.

Every Sunday and Wednesday when we are at church, Josie gets to play with little ladies. And it has been so much fun to watch her come out of her shell and make new friends.

At first she is shy and hides. Avoids eye contact, unsure of herself.

Then slowly, she starts to venture further and further away from my shadow and by the end of the day she is full on playing.

I am so very thankful for our Church and the families there. It is awesome to know that these little girls are being raised with the same morals and priorities that Josie is.

And the little things they say to each other are hilarious!

Making friends isn't easy.

I've always struggled to expand my group of friends. I want to fit in and be accepted. I want to be liked.

But watching Josie's friendships grow and seeing how happy they make her, makes me want to try.

Just another thing I'm learning from her.


kimmer said...

Little girls are so adorable....I am so happy that Josie is making new friends! I believe that friendship is an amazing journey,,,.always a joy in the good times and then in the difficult times.....well, thank God for friends! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!