Froggy Went A Courtin

One of my favorite ways to keep Josie happy and quiet is to fill up the sink with soapy water and a few dishes and let her go to town washing.

Last week I went to finish up some laundry while she did her dishes when I started to hear a suck-flop, suck-flop.

And in walked my little froggy.

Not sure why, but it totally cracked me up!

So the laundry and the dishes were pushed aside so we could go practice her frog jumping skills!

Silly Little Froggy!


bri said...

HILARIOUS! So creative she is!!! Just like her mama!

Mrs. M said...

That is so funny! And creative! Great imagination Josie!
Great shots. Love the first one and the action jump shot with her hair straight up. Fun!

Amber said...

Um can we say ADORABLE!!?
How fun, and that's a GREAT idea :)

Paige said...

LOL! She gets her creative ideas from her Mommy!