A Bit Ridiculous

I was up in the attic looking for our baby gear when I looked around me and noticed I was surrounded by boxes and garbage bags full of little girl clothes.

The child in only 3!

If I keep this up, we'll be renting a storage space before she's 10!

I pride myself on my ability to get rid of stuff. One of my favorite activities is going through closets and purging. So what's my deal with Josie's clothes?!?!

I started buying little girl clothes the year after Andrew and I got married.

5 years before we actually had a daughter.

I wanted a little girl so bad. I just knew the day would come that each and every outfit I bought would be on my daughter. So I bought and I stored and when Josie came, she was set.

Add that to my obsession with buying things off season on clearance and we had a serious stockpile!

And as God works, she wore the same size for over a year so she actually did wear 99% of the things I had bought.

But of course that didn't stop any of us from buying her more cute clothes.

And when she out grew them, I just put them in boxes in the attic. Saving almost every one.

But I decided it was time to purge. I'm sure God has another little girl in our future, but she will just have to have new clothes.

I pulled out every box and spent hours sorting.

I kept anything sentimental or really nice, but made myself go through each pile 3 times to make sure I was only keeping the things I really wanted to.

Baby V is in the keep pile!

It was fun to remember her wearing all those tiny outfits.

And at the end of the afternoon, I had narrowed it down to just a few boxes.

And the realization that the girl is more then set in the clothes department for this winter.

I started to load up the discards to sell, but God brought a family to mind from our church outreaches so I'm giving them all to their little girl.

It was difficult to let go of those tiny things, but I'm so excited to bless that other family next Sunday!


Amber said...

did you give away those black Nordstrom shoes? I'll buy them from you. I love those!!!

Sadly, I think I have more boxes and bags of clothes of Olivia's in our attic.

Amy said...

Shucks! I was hoping Baby V was up for grabs!!!♥♥♥

Kameron said...

I need to do the same thing! I have had lots of friends who have recently had babies or are pregnant so I need to let the purging begin!

Anonymous said...

I was doing to back story reading, and if you have more clothes in the future, consider finding a Crisis pregnancy center that will accept gently used clothing. They typically have programs for moms who chose to parent but are struggling financially and need additional support. Usually the mom's meet with mentors and learn about healthy lifestyles and caring for their babies and then receive credit to shop in the center boutique.