Strawberry Crepes

Last week's field trip to the Strawberry Farm left us with a surplus of strawberries.

I had no idea how many of those little sweeties would fit in that bucket!

And even though these are the sweetest, taste like they're covered in sugar, berries I've ever eaten, I'm getting nervous we aren't going to finish them before they go bad.

So I scoured the Internet for a couple yummy recipes to use them in. Thursday we made crepes and stuffed them full of strawberries.

2009 334

They were seriously yummy!

2009 335

My Grandma Joyce used to make us crepes once a week when I was growing up.

We would slather them with butter then sprinkle them with brown sugar.

That may or may not have been the cause of my obesity around age 10...

Either way, they were the best.

I gave Josie the ones filled with the healthy berries, but I hung out in the kitchen and snuck one full of brown sugar.

Ahhh, memories associated with food are the best.

I can't eat a hot dog or chips dipped in sour cream and not think of my dad.

And I can't eat raspberry flavored cake and not remember my mom's 43rd birthday.

Josie loved them and they aren't half bad for you so here's the recipe in case you have some berries laying around.

2009 336

Strawberry Crepes

1 Cup Flour (I used whole wheat)

2 Eggs

1/2 Cup Milk

1/2 Cup water

1/4 Tsp salt

2 Tbsp butter (melted)

- Whisk flour and eggs. Slowly add milk and water. Beat in butter and salt. Lightly oil pan and heat over medium heat. Pour 1/4 cup batter into pan and swirl so a thin layer covers the pan. Cook for a couple minutes then flip to brown other side.

You can fill them with anything and then roll them up! So yummy!

We are going to try apple cinnamon crepes this week!


Maura said...

These look sooo yummy!! I am going to have to try and make some. Thanks for the recipe!!

The Stairs Family said...

you could use the rest to make strawberry jam (and freeze whatever jars you cant use right away) or a strawberry pizza!

Meghan said...

if you find yourself running out of time before you run out of berries just freeze them! trim them up and or cut them and they will keep pretty well. i've done that before and used them later in smoothies instead of putting ice in it you put frozen fruit. it's also cheaper than buying frozen fruit from the store

Kameron said...

Strawberries freeze really well and you can use them for smoothies later! The crepes sound great. Do you have a special pan or just use a non-stick skillet?

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, those do look delicious! I may have to try that recipe this week on vacation! :) Thanks for sharing!