Around Here

2009 197

We have had another exciting week in the garden! Josie spotted the first red pepper! Which apparently are the same as green peppers. If you leave it on the plant it turns sweeter and red!

2009 196

We also have tiny cucumbers and zuccini.

2009 202

Everyday I am amazed by the garden. I know it may sound silly, but I think it is beautiful!
I am learning so much. Like how every flower bud falls off and the vegetable grows right in it's place.
I am in awe of the whole process. I love being reminded of God's majesty right in my own backyard.
We are also 99% done with the pool!
Last week they came and poured the stairs and the patio.

2009 198

2009 200

The patio is a lot bigger then I thought it was going to be. I can't wait to start eating out here!

2009 201

2009 199

Since then they have finished laying the stone. All we need now is the rain to clear up so Mr. Terry can spray the protective sealer and we can fill it up! The patio kitchen will be done by July, but we'll be just fine swimming without that!


The Stairs Family said...

I've seen you mention "Mr. Terry" before and was wondering who he was. Maybe I wasn't paying attention haha. Your pool looks amazing, I can't wait to see the finished pictures!