Worth The Recital Fee


If any of you have little ballerinas, you know that the recitals ain't cheap.

Lucky for us, Josie has her Grandpa and Grandma to go to when her cheap parents try to skip out on the recital.

The little girls costumes came in on Tuesday and I have to say, the costume is totally worth it!


The lace.


The tiny flowers.


And all that tulle!!


Now to convince her to get up on the stage and do her dance for everyone!


Kameron said...

The outfit is gorgeous and I love the first shot!!

The Swann's said...

My heart goes pitter patter seeing those photos! That last photo, she looks like such a diva!!! So absolutely precious is she!

Paige said...

Oh wow her costume is beautiful! I cannot wait to see pictures!

I'm with you on how expensive the recitals are! I am about to fall over with all of the money I'm handing out! Not to mention, I cannot even video tape my girls first recital, I can only buy it from the $28.50! It's pure craziness. Oh well, our girls will be tutu cute up there =)

kimmer said...

WOW!!!! What a beautiful "petite ballerina"!!!!!