Take One

I've had my Mack Daddy Camera since before Christmas and haven't once taken Josie to do real pictures.

Something about this warm weather got me feeling all creative and when we passed this feild on our way to church I knew exactly what my first photoshoot attempt was going to be.

The next morning we loaded up the cars and headed down the road to snap a few shots.

Gorgeous weather, gorgeous feild, plus a gorgeous girl equals some great shots!


Anyone know how to remove powerlines???









Fat Mat was quite the diva that day so we didn't get too many shots of her.



Olivia Kate on the other hand was hamming it up!



And I'm happy to say that we did not lose her in the grass at all!


And since that went so well, I have a couple other ideas I'm going to try out this week. Here's to hoping Josie is feeling as model like for those!


Vanessa said...

She is just too cute!! I love your shots! I am totally NOT a professional photographer, but I have a good camera- doesn't that help? : ) I love taking pics of my kids. I have learned that early morning or late afternoon are great times for picture taking concerning the lighting. One time I took some when it was cloudy and they turned out so unbelievably great because the lighting was just perfect! Photography is so much fun! I look forward to seeing more of your pics!

bri said...

Power line removal...

It may take a lot of money but if you call the city and explain your picture taking dilemma.... HAHAHA okay really

I do it all the time in PSE (photoshop elements). I don't know what editor program you use but in PSE there is a "blemish remover".

If you do not have PSE send the pics that you want to "frame/print" my way, and I will remove them for you and send them back.

colesGodmommy said...

Hey Nicole :) I like these! If you wanted to e-mail me a couple of your favorite pics with the power lines, I can remove them for you in photoshop...totally understand if you don't feel comfortable sending them to a stranger but I thought I'd offer to help! My e-mail is motwins18@gmail.com

Kameron said...

Those were grat shots of the litle girls. They are all going to get to grow up together. I just love built in best friends!

kimmer said...

These pictures are totally awesome! Josie and Matalie and Olivia all look so adorable!!! You are really good with that camera! That little darling, Josie, is becoming quite the little model! I love it!