Hello Sunshine!

After spending the last 5 months wondering why we live in Georgia, I finally remember.

Spring is officially here and it is gorgeous!

So gorgeous in fact, we've been doing everything outside. And I do mean everything:

2009 018

Amber brought her sewing machine over so I could give her a "lesson." Which is laughable since the only thing I know how to do is thread my machine! Mine is seriously on the exact settings that Mawmaw last sewed with.

It was way too nice out to sit inside so we moved our crafting outside!

2009 021

Mr. Terry thought we were nuts.

And we aren't the only ones enjoying the warm weather...



Amy's kids are adorable.

In other Pope Family news, Josie is no longer afraid of Boomer.

2009 029

In fact they are now best friends.

She talks to him like he's a person and he just trots alongside her where ever she goes. I'm so glad she got over being scared of him.

And as long as he keeps his grubby self out of the pool he can stay around without being banished to Mr. Terry's yard.

Dogs in pools really grosses me out.

And last, but most definatly not least, THE TRUCK IS FIXED!!! Which means I got my car back!

Woo Hoo! Sweet Freedom!

I spent two hours yesterday vacuuming, washing, and scrubbing the carpets and the good old Altima is looking better then ever. (Except for that pesky peice that keeps falling off the door!) And whatever Mr. Terry did to the truck made it run like new. So Andrew and I are both very very happy!

Well, the sun is officially up. Time to head outside for breakfast!


kimmer said...

So happy that spring has arrived in Georgia!!!! Looks like lots of fun things going on outside! I am so happy that Josie has decided she and Bommer can be friends! But I will always laugh so hard at her telling everyone the story of him knocking her down!!! Priceless!!!

Kameron said...

It sounds like a whole lot of happiness all around! I love those weeks!