Easter Week Lessons

I'm trying a new system for doing school with Josie. As much as I want to wait until she's older to introduce structure to our learning, my Type A personality needed a bit more planning.

We aren't doing curriculum but I am giving each week a theme and then planning one or two activities each day that go with that theme.

Tot School

Josie turned 3 in February (37 Months)

This week we focused on Easter and it went really well!

We started by doing our Holy Week Calendar each day. I was very suprised at how well Josie listened to the reading even out of my adult Bible. She listened, asked questions, and then we did the activity that went with that day. She loved showing Andrew what she had done when he got home!



We did some glueing with this project:


2009 010

Of course we had to dye some eggs! I counted this as a science lesson since it fizzed and changed the color of the water! And we mixed different colors together to see what new colors we could make.



We worked on counting by using Jelly Beans. This one was one of her favorites!


We turned our trusty TP rolls into bunnies:



Due to a serious traffic jam, Tiff couldn't make it home in time to do Little School so we skipped this week.


kimmer said...

I love the concentration on her face as she's doing her work!!!! Priceless!!! Happy Easter Pope Family!!!

Shelly said...

i love the jelly bean counting..filing away. Also your Lamb of God was just precious and perfect!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Visiting from Preschool Corner - it looks like you had a great week leading to Easter. Josie is very precious!

Jen S. said...

Love your artistic photos of the jellybeans. :)