Big Girl Room Progress!

When we decided to move Josie up to a Big Girl Room I knew exactly what bed I wanted for her.

Andrew and I borrowed his parents truck (since ours still isn't fixed) and drove up to IKEA to get the bed of my dreams.

And then I saw it and decided I didn't love it nearly as much as I thought I did.


So we slapped her old crib matress on the floor and I started hunting for the perfect bed.

I didn't really know what I wanted except I didn't want to spend a fortune and I wanted it white.

Last week I was doing a random search on Craigslist and right at the top was a super cute bed for half of what we would have paid at IKEA, plus it included the matress and had never been slept on!


I called and we went to get it that night. It wasn't white so I had to paint it, but it is just too, too cute!


(Mmmm, don't you just love over edited pictures?!?)


After walking around with paint in my hair for two days, I finished it up and Josie is now the owner of a Big Girl Bed!

2009 239

There is no cure for A Mother Who Needs Everything In It's Place like a three year old!

2009 240

I love that the bed has drawers. I had grand plans for how I was going to organize each one, but Josie had other plans. I decided to let her have her fun and I'll have mine when the newness wears off!

2009 246

I lined them with fun scrapbook paper to add more color!

2009 247

And, as you can see, we got her quilt in!

2009 244

Darlene's sister in law made it and I am completely in love with it! So citrusy!

Her room still has a lot of work to go. I need to decide what I want to do on the walls and I think I am going to slip cover the curtains. The polk a dots are a little too much with the new quilt.

We were able to reuse pretty much everything from her baby room.

2009 248

2009 241

2009 243

2009 254

And since we moved her into the old guest room, she has her own bathroom now.

2009 253

We hung her letters above the tub.

2009 249

And I repurposed the Bullitin Board my Mom made her into a bow holder!

2009 250

And we stuck in a few Bible Verses for her to see everyday.

2009 251

2009 252


Amber said...

It's perfect! I love it! And yes, the curtains don't match.

Paige said...

What an adorable bed! I also love what you have done with the scrapbook paper, what a great idea! Her room looks fabulous as well as the adorable decor in her bathroom!

Cunz Family said...

Love the bed! I also got Tommy a white bed, so I could re-use it if we ever have a girl. Love the quilt too! I think I need to bribe my aunt in making the new baby one...I love them!

.:blessedmommy:. said...

I love your blog, and Josie. What an amazing gift you have in her!

Okay, this room is amazing. I love it. It makes me want to duplicate it for my daughter. :) Once you fix the curtains, I may just constantly drool over this. Brilliant.