Under The Sea!



Saturday was Josie's "Turning 3 Under The Sea" party and it was perfect!

Well, other then the freezing cold weather that forced us to stay inside. But with a little furniture rearranging, we made the most of the space we had and everyone fit just fine!

I'm breaking this up into three different posts so your retinas don't burn from all the pictures. When I was searching for ideas for this theme online, I didn't find very much so I want to put all our details up incase anyone else is looking for some inspiration!

Josie's Birthday Outfit was one of my favorite parts of the party!

edited: I made her shirt and crown (and can make one for YOU if you want!), her hairbow is from Gymboree, and the skirt is from Carters.



All of her little friends started showing up around 3:30 and we were ready to get the party started!



Have I ever told you that Andrew went to Clown School when he was a teenager?

No joke.

He has all kinds of hidden Clown Talents that he never gets to use. But balloon animals is one we use quite a lot around here!

He did a fish on a fishing pole for all the kids.


We were originally going to make these ahead of time, but ran out of time.

The balloons kept popping, but the kids thought it was hilarious so it worked out just fine!




And the fishing poles were used more as swords then fishing poles!




After we calmed them down from all that sword fighting, we played our fishing game.


I made this sheet a few weeks ago and whipped the fishing pole up out of a dowel, string, and a chip clip.


We had Andrew hide in our room and when the kids got the fishing line over the sheet he would attach a goodie bag and tug on the string so they would know they got a bite!


They loved this way more then I thought they would!

It made me kinda sad that I didn't plan anymore games.

Next year, next year...


Josie has been having us sing her the Birthday Song for over a week.

That didn't help the Shy Factor when the whole room started singing!



I'm sure all the parents were just thrilled at the amount of sugary treats I gave them!


In true Josie Fashion, she requested one of every treat, licked the icing off of each of them, and then abandoned the actual treat.




The men folk actually stayed out of hiding!


Then it was present time.

Please note Jason with the mack daddy camera. I'm patiently waiting for The Glovers to send me some of their photos. I'm still learning my camera and have not mastered indoor photos!



Andrew and I laughed when we were checking out all her awesome gifts that night.

Our friends all know us very well. She got puzzles, books, learning games, PJ's, and pretend play toys for her dolls. Exactly the kind of things we love for her to play with!





Josie's Aunt Caroline was able to make it too!

She is getting married in May and Josie is the Flower Girl. We are so excited!


Aunt Suzy hit it out of the park again with her gift!


She refuses to take these slippers off! Which is fine by me because they are adorable!

I had every intention of making dinner that night, but by the time the party was over I was wiped out!

So the O'Pry's took us out for Mexican!


I can't believe the party is over. I'm kinda sad.

I love, love, love planning these parties.


Jo Shabo said...

I LOVE planning these parties too- it is so much fun!
Okay- I absolutely ADORE her shirt (actually the whole outfit is too cute) but where did you get it? Did you make it? You didn't say in your blog... and also what about that birthday crown- so sweet!
My daughter is just about 2 months older than Josie- she had a reindeer birthday party in december. I had so much fun planning for it- love doing that stuff!
Thanks for sharing your cute day!! OH by the way... the fishing game- (did you get that from the movie Pollyanna?) You might not have, but when I was little that was my FAVE movie and they do that at the fair in that movie and I ALWAYS wanted to do that when I was little- LOL!

Kameron said...

Wow girlie! You go all out! It looks like so much fun. I can't wait to plan parties for my little girl! The boy just wants Batman, and that's not that fun of a theme!

Brooke said...

Looks like one big successful toddler party!!

lindsey - the pleated poppy said...

so cute! i love that you used brighter colors! and your house is to die for!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! This is another adorable party! You have such great attention to details! {A girl after my own heart!} Love the fishing game - very cute! Thanks for sharing - You did an amazing job and your little girl is so precious!