Much to my amazement, my almost three year old actually went down for a nap today, so I thought I'd share one more Under The Sea Project with you.

My Aunt Suzy gave me this idea back around Halloween. Her's were spider pops, but with a few minor adjustments, Josie and I whipped up some Octo-Pops!

All you need are pipe cleaners, tissue paper, Tootsie Pops, and googley eyes.

2009 340

Just wrap the tissue paper around the sucker and then wrap the pipe cleaners around the base to make legs.

2009 342

And just keep a wrappin...

2009 343

Then glue on those googley eyes.

2009 344

I ended up adding a smile.

You could do so many variations with this; bugs, spiders... Well that's all I can think of, but you get the idea!

All the food is ready and all the snacks are set out. Now all we need are the little friends!