3 Years Ago Today,

This little girl was born in the back of an ambulance.


Left at the hospital without a mother.


And through a series of events that could only be orchstrated by God Himself,


ended up a Pope.


I can't believe our baby is 3.

It sounds so old.

Watching her grow and learn and become all that God planned has been my greatest joy.

God knew what He was doing the day she breathed her first breath of stale air in the back of an ambulance.

She was no accident. She was not abandoned.

She was just getting started.

There is nothing like a tradgedy turned fairytale.

Yes, God Himself knit her together.

Every last curl.


He put that adorable dimple right next to her nose.


It was Him who decided she needed a Cinimon Swirl Belly Button.


And hazel eyes as deep as the Sea.


A cheesy, cheesy grin.


And the most expressive eyebrows known to man.


She was made to be Josie Kathryn.

And that's exactly who she'll be.

Today we celebrate a little girl born in the back of ambulance.


And all that God has done since that day.


Thank you God for knitting her together. For giving her to us. For all that she is.


mabrey520 said...

Now I'm crying...thanks!

Happy Birthday Josie Kat!!!
Your so special to so many people! We love you!!!!!

Brooke said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Josie!

Kameron said...

Happy Birthday Josie!! What a heart warming story you will be able to tell of how you came to be. :o)

Lani said...

Beautiful post! Happy 3rd Birthday Josie!

bri said...

Happy Birthday Josie Kat! You were born special and will continue to have a place in this world that only little, special you can!

What a story of mercy and love from our most wonderful Creator!