Our First Day Of Little School

Letter - N
Verse - Psalms 3:3
"Don't forget truth and kindness. Wear them like a necklace."
Craft - Noodle Necklaces
Book - The Best Nest by PD Eastman


Friday was our first day of Little School!

We had it over at Tiff's house since she was planning on taking some pictures of Josie anyways (which explains why my child has 3 different outfits on in these pictures!)

The kids did great and I am even more excited about all the things we can do to teach them!

Tiffany sang songs with the kids while I set up our learning table.


We are going to take turns planning the lessons and I went first. I did the whole plan over a verse that I wanted Josie to work on memorizing (Psalm 3:3) and came up with everything else around that.

We showed them the letter N and talked about the list of words that start with N, then I read them the verse and explained the craft.

All they had to do was paint the noodles, which they loved.



If we do this again we will get the big fat noodles so they could string them themselves, but we're on a budget of $0, so we made due with what we had!


Then we read the verse again and read our book while Tiff made lunch.


Nuggets of course!



Here they are showing off their Noodle Necklaces that remind them to tell the truth and to be kind!

2009 319

I was really impressed with how well they did!

I know that it will be important for me to keep talking about the letter and showing it to her all week to really let it sink in, but for their first time doing something this structured it went very well.

And I couldn't believe how many teaching opportunities were wrapped up in this simple craft. Colors, shapes, sounds, manners, patience. Once you start paying attention, there are plenty of ways to teach without making a huge deal about it!

Next week we have a lot planned for the letter F. We are doing a fish theme since Josie's party will be the next day!

2009 320


The Glovers said...

great post - thanks so much for blogging on this. Everett wore his necklace all night last night at my parents. I have a few pics I'll post soon - I'll tag you! Can't wait until next week!

kimmer said...

I think it's wonderful how you are teaching Josie so many good things!!! And I so love this verse! I will learn it right along with her! Love and Hugs to my little noodle-schnoodle!