Week In Review

Just a few random pictures from the past week.

The Mocha Mamas had playgroup on Tuesday. Amy had just got back in town so she flaked out on us, but we had fun chit chatting and ohhing over the baby sweetness.

2009 005

Little Cruzy is still very little.

And Josie is smitten.

2009 006

And I got to babysit Oli. Kate (Andrew feels the need to nick name all the kids).

She was sweet as pie and fun to photograph.

2009 323

Plus I got my thigh workout in since this babe requires constant bouncing action.

And the biggest event of the week was that I drove for the first time in three months yesterday!

I felt free as a bird!

2009 002

The truck still isn't fixed so I don't have a car during the day and when Andrew gets home, he drives when we go out.

No rainstorm was keeping me in yesterday!

2009 003

Don't worry Mom, I stopped to take the pictures!

We're starting a bookclub so I had to go get the book.

Plus Andrew and I decided to cancel TV again so that I could have an allowance which I'm pretty excited about. But I need some reading material to keep me occupied so I loaded up!

2009 004

And just cause I wasn't ready to be done being free, I drug the kids to Target and Walmart in the rain too.

Andrew goes back to work tomorrow so I'll be homebound again. We're hoping Mr. Terry gets the truck fixed ASAP.


Amber said...

oh, excuse me, the "Of course you can sew!" book.

Amber said...

I'm loving the "yes you can sew!" book! Doesn't it feel funny the first time you drive after awhile of no driving? I felt like I didn't know what I was doing when I first got behind the wheel. At least Andrew let you take the kids with you, David made me keep OK home the first time.

I cannot wait till Monday!!! I'm so excited!!!