My First Born

Have you met Boomer?

2009 517

He's our big ole doggie that's been living up at Mr. Terry's house.

Some people say we abandoned him.

We say he was away at college. Learning to not jump on little girls and chew on her toys.

A couple weeks ago his wireless collar ran out of battery and the company seems to have decided to quit making them.

Thus, our first child is back under our (porch) roof.

He seems to have majored in house protecting and face licking while he was away at school.

He also seems to have minored in toy chewing and trash ripping:

2009 515

2009 514

Oh, and squirel killing.

Thanks for that gift Boo Boos.

If he keeps this up, he's getting sent to Boarding School.

2009 519


bri said...

haha sad! He is just showing you how much he missed you! LOL. He is beautiful!

That's what she said said...

Love the Kotex (:
Felt like an immature school girl laughing at them.

Cunz Family said...

Gotta love dogs! Who is the Mr. Terry that you speak of all the time??

kimmer said...

Oh NO!!!!! Boomer needs some discipline!!! There's gotta be another company that makes those collars!!! But I'm sure you will do great with him! Is Josie still telling her "Boomer Story???" That was one of the all-time best stories ever told!!! I hope he's not knocking her down anymore!!!