Just Call Me Scrooge!

2009 512

Yup, it's two days after Christmas and I'm already taking down Christmas.

I had a hard time getting into it this year.

Not only did the temperature rarely drop below 50 degrees, but after seeing everyone else's decorations, I decided ours were not very kid friendly.

Fear not, I hit up a ton of stores yesterday and racked up on bright, glittery, super fun decorations for next year!

My Dad and Step Mom and coming to visit and celebrate Christmas this weekend so I hope they aren't disappointed at the lack of, err, Christmas in the house.

I will leave out an Evergreen candle for us to sit around!


Betsy said...

I am right there with you. Just put the last of ours in the attic. Just feels so refreshing after the mess.

Anonymous said...

So it's not just me? I was sitting here this morning thinking about boxing it all up b/c I'm so over it. Everything has been decorated since the beginning of November.
However, I've decided to leave it up until the trash comes this week & I can get the tons of boxes out my garage. This house is going to look so empty when I start un-decorating.