I think she hates Santa

Wednesday night a group of us (The Mabes and The Castellanos) headed up to Lenox to see Santa.

2009 165

FYI = As most of you know, Josie doesn't get presents from Santa, but she does know who he is. We just talk about him like Elmo or any other fictional character.

Lenox does a great job decorating around Santa. I'm pretty sure I'm going with the bright colors for our decorations next year. They are just so fun and festive!

2009 169

2009 170

She was excited and convinced that she wasn't going to cry, until we were next.

2009 167

She decided Santa wasn't for her.

Daddy is more her kind of man.

2009 171

The other kiddos did great and got great pictures!

And what's a trip to Lenox without eating California Pizza Kitchen at 8PM?!?!

2009 174

2009 164

2009 176

Tip For Parents With Preschoolers:

If you have an IPhone, download the I-TOT apps!
These talking flashcards and learning games are perfect for long carrides or dinners that go a little long.
Josie was perfectly quiet while the adults finished eating thanks to Andrew's smart thinking!

2009 178

Not to mention she is better at navigating the IPhone then we are!


The Glovers said...

Glad to see you didn't waste the time to ride the Pink Pig. We did and it was lame.

Brooke said...

Funny, we ate at CPK at 8pm last night too! Oh, and we have that app on my iPhone for the kiddo too. If you want other suggestions for good, toddler apps, let me know! I have plenty of them.