What A Dork!

Now that I've officially decided to move Josie into the room that is currently our guest room, I needed to get all the random junk out of that room.

If you know me, you know I love a good closet cleaning and absolutely love to throw stuff away. So when I decided that I no longer needed boxes of pictures of random people from middle school I was just giddy at the aspect of filling up some trash bags!

What I didn't expect was to realize what a dork I was!

Seriously guys, I think I followed every fashion idea I ever read about.

Let me rephrase that, I tried to follow every fashion idea!

I was hopeless guys! How I landed Andrew is beyond me. He might need to get his eyes checked!

Did you know I used to part my bangs right down the middle?

And I'm talking about in college!

And apparently I was a fan of my mid section since it is showing in all the picture of me in middle school!

Luckily I saw lots and lots of other dorks in there too!

And when I found the picture of Andrew dressed up as a woman for a beauty pagent when he was about 11, I no longer wondered how we ended up together.

Dorks need love too.

I laughed until Josie wondered what the heck I thought was so funny and ended up with an insane pile of throw out pictures.

2009 001

Don't worry, I kept a few so Josie will know just how cool her Mom was!


Cunz Family said...

I spy Missy Ferguson...Somer...Jessica Kuhlman...some glamour shots...man I have good eyes...wish you scanned some close ups! I may have to get out the yearbook :)

kimmer said...

I tried to tell you!!!! You wouldn't listen!!!