Ean Is One!

In the past 365 days, this little munchkin:


Grew into this Big Little Man!


And in our book, that calls for a party!

Ean's Mom and Dad threw an awesome "Backyard Fun" party to celebrate!

Tiffany's Mom and Aunt made him this Little Einstien cake! It was pretty dang cool looking. And tasted yummy too!


The weather was simply perfect for an outside party.

Except for the fact that we all assumed it would be chilly in November and wore clothes that were way too warm!


It had to be 80 degrees!


No complaints here though! We'll take the warm weather right up until Christmas time!

Jason whipped up hotdogs and burgers while the kiddos went for a hay ride around the block!



Ean's big brother, Everett, is one of Josie's very first friends! They are adorable.


Ean knew exactly what the cake was for.

In fact, he was digging in before we could even start singing Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday Little E!

We love your sweet little self!


Maman Tattoo said...

How cute!
..That's a huge cake!

Some ladies requested for a general tutorial... But I won't do one for everything I did! I still have so much do to for now... So, If you have an item or two in mind, ask it! I'll put in up. I might make picture tutorial for the more complicated stuff from now on thought!0

The Glovers said...

Love this POST!!!! Thanks so much for making it! We are slackers who rely on your blog skill - lol