Hallow-Weenie Roast 2009

Friday night we had our First Annual Hallow-Weenie Roast!
Josie and I are already in full swing of our Minnesota Vacation, so I'll just give a quick rundown of the party and follow it up with a ton of pictures!

The weather was supposed to be rainy and gross so I was a little worried, but it ended up being great out! It was warm enough for their little costumes and the rain held off until right when we were finishing up the S'mores!

All the kids looked adorable, even if they did only leave their costumes on for half an hour!

We had a million hot dogs and super yummy sides that filled us all up.
And other then Olivia Kate getting a bonk on her noggin (she is totally fine!) all the kids had a blast!

I learned a lot about what I need to have ready for next year. Like maybe it would be good to have sticks to actually roast the hot dogs on!
We did about ten on the bonfire and then ended up doing the rest on the stove so we could eat!
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Amy and I forgot to tell the adults to dress up until a week before the party so we let it slide when most of them claimed to not have enough time to put anything together.
But consider this fair warning Friends: Next year, there everyone will be in costume!