A Child of the 90's

There is crazy talk going on around my Minnesota Parent's house.

Talk of selling the house we grew up in.

Turns out, two adults don't quite need as much space as they did when two teenagers were sharing the space with them.

While my Brother and I are strongly protesting the idea, I did decide I had better start going through the ample amount of shoe boxes in my closets.

Anybody still collecting Beanie Babies?

I've got some good ones for ya!
minnesotatrip 222

I even instructed Josie not to take off the tag! Like that matters anymore!

Any Troll Fanatics?

I've got ya covered there too!

minnesotatrip 221

I found a lot of other stuff too, like a diary from when I was 7, letters from my Dad, and pictures from when big fanned bangs were popular!
What funny things are YOU still hanging on to from your childhood?!?!
PS - I'm almost done pouting about the fact that I live 1200 miles from my Mom.
Regular posting will be back soon.


Leslie said...

My mom still has the Ewok village in her garage attic waiting to break it out for the grandkids.

Kameron said...

I had forgotten just how ugly those troll things are! Hahaha!

Lani said...

I recently found my beanie baby collection and Izzy has quickly taken them over as "her friends" and yes the tags are all still on :)