Where's The Man?

While my parents were in town this weekend we took Josie to the aquarium!

2009 084

My poor Dad broke his foot a few weeks ago, but he was a trooper and walked the whole time. He even carried Josie most of the time!

2009 044

Andrew and I went to the aquarium when it first opened and it was pretty cool. But there is something about taking your kids to a place like this that just makes it magical.

2009 080

She was amazed by all the fish.
But her favorite part?

2009 055

The scuba man cleaning the tanks!

2009 054
There's the man of the hour!

2009 002

Every tank we went to she asked where the man was!
Leave it to my kid to go to the World's Largest Aquarium and want to see a man instead of fish!

After we explained that the man was not what we were there to see she glued herself to the glass of every tank.

2009 004

And with views like this, who could blame her?

2009 0492009 0562009 0512009 0502009 0732009 0652009 063

The sea otters were so stinking cute!

2009 077

2009 076

Grandpa even got her a cupcake for lunch!

2009 058

I'm pretty sure she could have asked for the moon and he would have found a way to get it for her!

We also got to go to the 4-D cartoon that they have at the aquarium!
I wasn't sure how Josie would do with the stuff touching her and the cartoon jumping out of the screen, but she loved it!

2009 078

After the aquarium we headed over to Centenial Olympic Park to see what was happening. Turns out the College Game Day show was taped there that morning and they were having a free concert.
Collective Soul and Driving and Crying were playing so we hung out for a bit to check it out.

2009 015

Poor Josie was starting to feel the missed nap.

2009 0112009 012

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we went out to our favorite place to eat that night!

2009 081

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for such an awesome day! You guys are the greatest!


kimmer said...

Love the photos!!!! My favorite is her lying there with the shades on!!!!! And the cupcake, too!!!! This time she didn't even have to steal it!!!!! MMMMMMMMM...

Amber said...

Glad you had a great weekend with the family! I love the one of her laying with the shades.

Amber said...

Yes, I did make my header. I learned how from


I've been using picasa for years now and this was the easiest for me to do.

My question for you is how did you make your third column? I've tired several times with several different tutorials and none have worked so far.

bri said...

sounds fun! I am having trouble seeing the pictures. It is saying that the pictures are currently unavailable. Hmmm have to come back to see the fun!

I am so ready to take Bear to do some fun stuff like that! I KNOW he would love it!