Our Yard Makes Me Happy!

We are one short month away from our two year anniversary of our "Gotcha Day."
I can't believe that two short years ago, Josie wasn't a Josie at all.

In fact, we didn't even know eachother.

I'm planning a special day for October 2nd to celebrate the day she was "born" into our family, but those posts will be coming later.

However, the reminder that our special anniversary is coming up got me feeling all nostalgic so I went back and looked at our pictures from the past two years.

And other then freaking out over how fast Josie is growing up, I noticed that in the past nine months, our yard has made quite the come back.

Last February, we were convinced we were doomed to live in a mass of Georgia Red Clay for the rest of our days.

These kids are cute, but not so cute when they are tracking clay in the house.

2009 051

Our hill was washing away with every rain shower we got. That is, until Mr. Terry showed up and rocked our yards world.


Then Mr. Terry rounded up some sod so that Little Miss could do some frolicking.

This Mama was one happy camper.


Next came swingset, rock pits, and flower beds.
Oh My!


A few months later, I now see this from my back patio:

2009 050

Flowers and mini golf courses, crepe myrtles, and roses.

2009 051
I can't believe the transformation!


bri said...

Very inspiring. Our yard looks like a weed fest with NO trees and a very poor landscaping job.

I cannot wait to get out there and HAVE AT IT! It will be all in time but it will be getting done! lol

fun to see the transformations take place and continue to grow!

Anonymous said...

I need me a Mr. Terry :(

kimmer said...

Your yard really looks great!!!! (maybe some of my green thumb rubbed off on you after all!!!!!!???) You're doing a great job!!!