Fun With Our Swampy's

We did more then just go to the aquarium this weekend.

We went to see the newest batch of baby pigs up at Terrys.

2009 098

Grandpa remembered to visit his first grand baby.
Poor Boomer gets left out of the fun a lot.

2009 091

It took Josie a while to warm up to my little sister. But when she did, Aly was a friend for life.
In fact, Josie keeps asking where "Sister Aly" went.

2009 094

Josie convinced my Dad to let her have her first sips of Coke.

2009 043

She's a fan.

And Josie did her best to be in Grandma's arms every chance she could.

2009 025

As you can see, the cheese is still in full swing.

2009 022

We ate at the Waffle House too, but I guess you don't care to see another picture of us stuffing our faces at The Waffle!

It was such a great weekend. I can't wait to get down to Florida!

2009 082