Can't Live Without 'Em.

After reading a few posts on products that other Bloggers can't live without I got to thinking, "what products am I in love with?"
I've never been a big products girl.
I used to want to be one in high school. You know, the ones who always smelled like flowers and had new lipgloss everyday.
But I am a creature of habit and when I find something I like, I stick to it like glue.
So here's a list of the 10 products that make me feel oh so wonderful:
1) Redken Gut 10. This stuff can turn a head full of limp hair into super model hair. And it smells so so good! I used to use this all the time and then totally forgot about it until Pearl brought me a mongo bottle of it! Now I'm back in business!
2) Redken Align 12. I have a goofy wave on one side of my head that refuses to straighten. This goop makes it flat as an arrow. And again, the smell is to dye for.3) Origins Get Down. I used to have horrible skin. Not acne per say, but annoying none the less. I used to get a centimeter away from the mirror to examine my blemishes and my Dad would always ask who was ever that close to my face! This is the only face wash I've ever found that works for me. It makes me sad that I didn't find it until I was 20. And by the looks of the bottle, it's time to dish out and buy some more.4) Origins Clear Improvement Mask. This mask is made out of charcoal and it makes your skin as tight as, I don't know, something super duper tight. I try to do this at least once a week. Last time I did it I went and got Josie up from her nap with it on and she screamed for her Daddy. She is not a fan of masks.5) Bath & Body Works Butterfly Gardens. I almost don't want to share this one. This is the best smelling lotion in the entire Universe! I put it on and just smell my arms! 6) Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner. I have made excuses to shower in my Mom's room when I go home for years just so I could use her Pureology. Now, once again, thanks to Pearl and my Aunt Suzy, I am the proud owner of about 2 gallons of each!7) Crest Expressions. After wearing braces for most of my high school career (add that to the skin and it wasn't a pretty picture!) I am slightly obsessed with my teeth. I love this Crest stuff. This picture would include my ever faithful floss too, but Josie thinks it's a dog leash and it has mysteriously disappeared...again.8) OPI Dutch Tulips. Again, it was my Mom who introduced me to this gem. I will be stocking up on it when I head up North this Fall since Pearl gets the primo discount. Amy and I busted out laughing when I went to show her my new favorite nail polish and she was wearing the same exact stuff from the pedicure she had just gotten.
Sometimes we are so alike it freaks me out.9) Cover Girl Mascara. I've been using this since I started wearing makeup. It's the one thing I seriously won't leave the house without wearing. There's something about putting on mascara that allows me to convince myself I look put together!10) Cover Girl Shimmering Sands. I'm sure all my friends from high school are laughing at this one. I remember the day Jenny's mom brought this home for her. I went home and begged my Mom to take me to Walmart to get my own and I haven't worn anything else since unless I was borrowing it. I think it goes with everything. I told you, I am faithful to my products!

That is really all I use.
Now this little girl?
She already uses more hair products then I do!

Lord help us when she's a teenager!


Kameron said...

That's a great post. I think I'll do one too...after I recover from this weekend!! Hope yours was great too!