A Week With Mae Mae

My mom flew in on Wednesday and we have been on the move ever since!
I think I slept harder last night then I have in a really long time. That woman wore me out!
We didn't waste any time getting started on the play room transformation. We painted the ceiling that night after Josie went to bed.
About half way through we decided that we were perfectly OK with never ever ever painting another ceiling as long as we live.
Until the next morning when we noticed that the ceiling definitely needed a second coat!

Luckily we had some trusty cheesecake to get us through coat one and two! We finished the walls during nap time the next day.
I have never been so in love with a wall color in my life. This picture makes it look a little more orangey then it is. It is more of a peach color in person.
And the best part? Amy and I found the paint at Walmart for only $3!!! Someone did not want peach, but I did!Notice those yummy lines in the carpet?!?! Scott came and steam cleaned the whole house at 10:30 PM on Thursday.
What a guy!

Friday brought more improvements to the room. We added ceiling fans and a toy storage unit.
The room turned out exactly the way I dreamed it would!
The only thing left to do is add the murals. That should be done by the end of July and it will be the first room in our house to be completely complete!
*Stay tuned for the before, during, and after shots!

After the room was totally done, I let my mom relax a little and enjoy her granddaughter.
We went blueberry picking in 95 degree heat and did lots of playing.
That's Josie's new "cheese" face. Lovely.Andrew loves when my family is in town because he gets lots of free timeto do whatever he wants.
Which apparently includes working on his tan.I think he's trying to catch up to me.
My Mom had to leave last night. We dropped her at the airport on our way to a wedding.
Josie was not happy that she didn't get to go with and has asked for her about a hundred times since she woke up today.Yup, theirs is a true love.And I'm pretty fond of her too.And just because I finally have a picture of Andrew not wearing his uniform or a swimsuit:I love these two people.
Today marks 7 years for us. I still can't believe that.
I don't think I'm old enough to have been married for 7 years.
* Stay tuned for our Wedding post! Coming up next!

Thank you Mom for everything you do for us. I can't wait to see Josie and her little friends playing in the play room!