Just Me & My Love Dove

Andrew and I got back last night from our weekend getaway.
It was wonderful and amazing and perfect.
Next Sunday we will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's been 7 years!
I honestly can say that we are more in love and more in tune with each other now then we ever have been. He is my best friend and I still love his stories, even if I have heard all of them a million times.

This was supposed to be a surprise trip.
He was going to call me Wednesday morning and tell me to pack my bags. But then he remembered that I don't do very well with surprises.
In fact, the last time he surprised me it was Valentines Day and he got us a hotel room for a romantic night out. Problem was we were in Arizona visiting my family and I didn't want to miss a night with them!
Looking back, I totally would have gone if I had a little notice to adjust to the idea!
So he told me about this a few day ahead of time to be sure I wanted to go.

It was fun to go on a road trip. We used to go on weekend trips all the time, but with Josie around it's been harder to get away.
We spent the 6 hours drive talking and holding hands.
Cause we're sweet like that. I found this Pope gas truck extremely appropriate!We got to the house pretty late so we pretty much just went to bed.
Amber and I woke up to an empty house. About an hour later, our men showed up with half a box of donuts.
I guess Andrew was a little hungry!
But he brought me a Starbucks so it was all good!We spent that first day at the beach.
My camera must be confused because it was sunny and gorgeous, but a lot of the pictures look like it was cloudy.
North Myrtle Beach is a great beach!
You can see how helpful I was getting the stuff set up.
Someones gotta take the pictures!Andrew swore the sand was the most comfortable place he'd ever laid!Oh, how I love this man.And I like these guys a whole lot too!We went out to dinner at a fun seafood place were we all ate way too much and spent the next couple hours feeling pretty miserable.
And after our tummies settled, we played some cards.
Andrew and David are such good buddies, they coordinate their outfits! We left yesterday around 11 and had another great 6 hour drive.We planned to see a movie on our way home before we picked up Josie. Since when did they start charging $10 to see a movie?!?!
No thanks, we'll wait for it to come out at Red Box!
Except for Harry Potter. That one we'll dish out the $20 bucks for!
I woke up this morning remembering why I fell in love with Andrew.
He is such an amazing husband.
I am convinced that going on dates and getting away just as husband and wife is the key to staying totally smitten with each other.
I heard a quote the other day, "what you use to get her is what you use to keep her." I think it's true.
It's easy to trade in the title "Husband and Wife" for "Dad and Mom". But I know that in order to be the very best Mom and Dad to Josie, we have to be the very best husband and wife.


skywalker9 said...

So glad that you guys got a vacation. It's nice, isn't it?

I'm awarding you the "Lovely Blog Award"

Details are on my blog. :)