Meal Planning!

With a new baby coming this week, there is no doubt in my mind that things will be a little... crazy!
But, we still gotta eat, so here is what we are planning on.

And I do stress the word planning!

Monday - Darlene's Home Cooking!
Tuesday - Chicken Alfredo Bake with Asparagus
Wednesday - Chicken Stirfry
Thursday - Burgers and Fries
Friday - BBQ Chicken Quessadillas
Saturday - Spaghetti, broccoli, bread
Sunday - Easter!

I am getting so excited to meet little Carmen. And to get the details of everything.
We do know that the mom is a young adult who just aged out of foster care herself and is trying to get her own apartment and a full time job so that she can get Carmen living with her.
I like cases like this one. Where the mom didn't really do anything to have the baby removed, but is trying to get on her feet.
If she works the case plan diligently, Carmen could only be with us for a few months. But I will have more details on Monday after we pick her up.

And if you don't hear from me between now and then, don't worry.
I'm trying to fit 9 months of nesting into 3 days!


Crystal said...

How exciting! And what a wonderful blessing for Carmen and her mother that they will have you and Andrew to help them!

Cunz Family said...

This foster parent thing is totally awesome for you and Andrew to do! That mother is lucky to have people like you to help her out!

On a side note...with your meal planning...do you like enchiladas? I have a yummy recipe if you'd like it :)

Julie said...

Hey, If you are into meal planning you should check out www.plantoeat.com. I have been trying it out for a few weeks.

Lindsay said...

The Joys of being a foster parent!! every time we get a get the call for a new kid, I clean the house from top to botton... 15 times in the past two years... but the best thing, is when you get to see the baby!!! and walk along side them in the journey that they are on!!

Hope you have an amazing time getting ready!!

PS said...

Wow. I'm just catching up in the blog world and this is huge! Congrats on being Super Woman and good luck!