Riding the Roller Coaster

It's been another strange and emotional 24 hours.
I can't go into details since they aren't my emotions, but I will say that I completely believe that everything he is feeling is absolutely normal.
Meeting a biological parent is life changing.
And learning details of how you were created and the direction that each life took from there is the definition of an emotional roller coaster.
But Andrew is dealing with it all incredibly. I am so amazed by him.

On a completely different note, and on something that I am more then permitted to talk about, the consignment sale was crazy exciting!
Since I am selling a ton of items and volunteered, I got to shop at the preview sale.
I got there almost an hour early and there were already about 2o people ahead of me!
I told Andrew that there was a good chance that I might end up pushing women over when the opened the doors! Then I made sure Tiffany knew that if she fainted (she's been dealing with a new condition), I would come back for her after I got the things I had on my list!
I'm a great friend, huh?!?!
I did score some amazing deals! I spent $72 and got all of Josie's Spring and Summer clothes, a Radio Flier trike, a Leapfrog Alphabet train, a play table, a play vacuum, a bowling set, and about 4 other smaller toys!
The train retailed at $225 and I got it for $15. Josie loves it. And all the clothes are Baby Gap or Gymboree!
I get the biggest rush off of getting a good deal.
And since there's no way I can afford to dress her in those clothes at full price, I was pretty excited!
Plus I won a free photo session with a girl that Andrew and I went to high school with! I am super excited about that too!

So over all it's been a great 24 hours for me. I feel closer to my husband then I ever have, and as close as we have always been, I didn't even know that was possible. And my daughter is going to have her most stylish summer yet!

Tomorrow is our first cookout of the season! It's supposed to be kind of crappy out, but I have missed having everyone together so much that I doubt I'll even notice the rain!


The Henrys said...

I can relate to the rush of getting a good deal. I have found a great second-hand source of Gymboree and Gap clothes for Madeline and it does feel great to have the whole season all figured out! I hope your husband continues to deal with everything he is going through so well. What a life-changing event!

Brooke said...

OMG, you got great deals! I would have loved to have gone to that one!

bri said...

I would be super overwhelmed going to one of those sales! I love the idea because the rush is there for me too but man... the idea of having to be around people (ahem, like you....:)) pushing and shoving hahaha makes me want to hide out. I know, I know... you do what you gotta do!

Luckily we have a children's resale shop here which is where I also get the goods on name brand apparel. The boys are always pretty stylish and everyone always asks where I get their clothes...

"Why probably from your little man's wardrobe last fall!" hahaha

I love it.

I will be praying that the reunification goes smoothly from here on out and that the significant emotions would continue to surface and find proper placement!

Be Blessed!

JordanWest said...

I love the emotion change in this post, haha. It is so amazing that Andrew is finding all of this out...and that it feels right. God is so amazing.

On another note, you should not excite a fifteen year old girl about a blog comment on a blog she worked so hard on just to complain about her lack of regular blogging...cruel and heartless! I expect much better next time!


Jordan :)