A New Dog.

Josie and I were hard at play when I looked up and saw this... That's Andrew carrying our 75 pound Australian Shepherd/Malamute, Boomer!
Apparently he wanted Andrew to carry him.
Spring is here and that means it's time to give Boomer a haircut. And since we are too cheap to spend $90 to have it done professionally, he ends up looking like a scene kid.I think we could make another dog from all that!
Handsome Devil.Here's the newest improvment to our yard.I love it! And Terry used all plants from up at Maw Maw's house so that makes it even better!
Today we're getting a huge pile of busted up rocks that I'm told will be a huge parking pad by the end of the week.
Right now it is just seriously messy and my type A personality is not handling it too well.
And because it just isn't a blog worthy entry without a picture of Josie Kat...

And my sunshine she really is.


Betsy said...

We have a golden/aussie mix dog. Love her. But hate all the hair. Wish I had a guy doing lots of work at my house. That would be AWESOME!

bri said...

Boomer is precious. We used to cut our little girl Missy's hair too. They really don't care who does it. Just as long as it disappears and they don't have to carry their lifeless twin around anymore.

Happy Spring to you all! Enjoy the outdoors!

Kameron said...

You have inspired me to shave my cat! I'll let you know how that goes. :o)

Anonymous said...

Good job, Boomer, keepin' the scene alive! <3 Holly