Local Celebrity

Look who's famous in our small town!!

Makes me wish I would've dressed her a little cuter!

And for all you Georgians, I have two new finds that you MUST check out!

Andrew decided that he was going to be all manly with David and go golf. Turns out he is no Tiger Woods! Oh well, a little practice and maybe he can play with the big boys! I'm starting to think David is a scammer. Everytime he says he is "starting" a new hobby, he rocks at it!
Anyways, while Andrew was out "golfing", Josie and I did what we do best... Shopped!
Now shopping has taken on a new meaning now that our budget is a bit tighter. Shopping used to mean buying whatever caught our eye that was a reasonable price.
Now it pretty much is just window shopping.
But we did stumble into a little place called Wilson's Warehouse in Griffin.
Darlene buys Josie diapers there for about 1/4 of what they cost at the normal stores and since Josie is protesting potty training, we need some diapers.
I had been in the store once with Darlene, but I must not have paid much attention since I haven't been back. This place is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!
Check out what we got...

Our total? $11!!!!

At Kroger, just the cereal and YoBaby Yogurt would have been close to $11!
It's all name brand stuff that would have cost us at least $30 at Walmart!
I had already done our grocery shopping for the week so this was all that I thought I could use right now. But you can bet your budgeted dollar that this will be my first stop next week!
It is basically a scratch and dent store for food and other house hold supplies.
ANd I personally have no issue with my normally $5 box of cereal that Andrew insists on eating being a little dented up. Especially if it means that it will only cost $1.49!
They get different stuff every week so you never know exactly what will be there, but the place is huge so you should have no problem marking at least a few things off your grocery list for way cheap!

Andrew is on his way up there right now to buy Josie her first swingset. It's a big wooden one and it is an unbelievable price!
So I already have Amy signed up to come with next week, who else is in?!?!

After that we moseied on in to Simply Southern Children's Boutique. I love to support small businesses run by mom's, but handmade dresses, cute as they are, are not in my budget. So I will support her by letting all you know about her and hope that some day I can own some of her super cute dresses.
And since pretty much all of my lady friends are, just was, or is trying to become a new mom I will be coming back to this shop.
Not to mention that it is inspiring to see women using their talents in such a bold way.
I loved the owner. We talked for a long time while Josie played in the children's area.
She ended up giving me 2 pairs of handmade PJ's for free!

(I have no idea why this is sideways!)
If I hadn't seen an ad for this shop in Scoops I never would have found it. It's on 6th Street right in Griffin if you want to check this one out!


Betsy said...

Gotta love those savings. And cute Jammies!

Brooke said...

Loved the picture of her watching The Cat in the Hat :)

No worries about the potty training department - we haven't had much luck either. Just like Josie, sometimes T shows interest, other times she screams at the mention of it. Our Dr. said not to push it, but I really want to get it done already!

The Glover Family said...

At least you don't have the scared kid in the first picture...lol

Thank God he warmed up to the cat, I was beginning to lose consciousness from his grip on my neck.