Feeling The Love

Andrew and I met 8 and 1/2 years ago on June 28th. I remember the date because it was my best friends birthday.
We spent everyday together the Summer we met, started dating that August, and after a few short breakups (that were all his fault!) we got married on June 21st, 2002. Almost exactly two years after we met.
That's 8 1/2 years of each other. I've heard all his stories and he knows all my pet peeves. We can finish each others sentences and speak to each other from across a room without saying a word.
And even when we get on each others nerves and can't stand each other, we are best friends.
But it has taken work.
It has taken creativity.
This is our "Love Book" (original title, I know!)

I bought this book about 6 years ago because it matched the decor of our old bedroom. Plus I think it looks very Romeo and Juliette-ish.
For a long time it sat on our nightstand empty.
Then one morning I woke up and it was sitting in the bathroom with a sweet little note from my honey.
Thus started one of the best things we ever did for our marriage.
We never really talked about it, just started doing it. He writes to me and leaves it on my side of the bathroom and then I write back to him and put it on his side.
It's usually just little reminders of how we feel about each other and messages of thanks that usually go unsaid.

"Thanks for washing my uniform. I'd stink all the time without you."
"I'm so glad you got up with Josie last night. I'm a beast without my sleep."

And then there are times where one of us will write something deeper. (No excerpt on those, they are for our eyes only!)Even after months of doing this, it never gets old. We don't remember to do it everyday, but I always smile when I see the little book sitting by my toothbrush.
And I can't wait to go back and reread it together on our 100th wedding anniversary!

What do you do to keep your marriage fresh?


Amber said...

I love this idea!!! I think I might have to steal this one. We always leave little notes around for each other but keeping them all in a book is a great idea. You guys are awesome!

Crystal said...

This made me cry.

My uncle and his wife (my favorite aunt) used to do this....9 years ago (next month) she died in a car accident.

He has since shown their "love book" to their four children. They were only 2,3,7, and 8 when she passed away but now that they are older they are very thankful that to be able to read about their moms love for their dad from her own words.

Your book just reminded me of them and their love.

You guys seem to have such a special and loving relationship. I hope it continues to blossom year after year and maybe Josie will one day (A LONG TIME FROM NOW) read about your love from your own words.