101 in 1001


One of my favorite blogs Dinky Pops No More (she is a super cool mom with the cutest little red headed daughter just a couple weeks younger then Josie) is participating in 101 in 1001. The goal here is to set 101 realistic and specific goals of things you want to accomplish in 1001 days. 1001 days is roughly 2 3/4 years.
You all know how much I love a good list so I am jumping on board! It took my quite a long time to come up with my list, but here it is. I'll try to update you when I get to scratch things off my list!

  1. Read 12 books (0/12)
  2. Go on an All Girls Weekend with my besties
  3. Drink 2 water bottles (of water!) a day (0/1001)
  4. Make menu plans all year (0/143)
  5. Go to the library every other week (0/71)
  6. Go to an art museum
  7. Try a new recipe every month (1/33)
  8. Cut the word "Starbucks" from my vocabulary!
  9. Go to the Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market
  10. Save up for a big camera!
  11. Pick blueberries
  12. Go one week without desserts!
  13. Vacuum my car!
  14. Start taking vitamins
  15. Go to the girly doctor
  16. Decide how we will add our next child to the family
  17. Floss my teeth every other day
  18. Go to a free concert at Centennial Park
  19. Go to Piedmont Park
  20. Learn how to check the oil in my car
  21. Bake a pie from scratch
  22. Go to a musical
  23. Buy new white flip flops
  24. Take a yoga class
  25. Go to a State Fair
  26. Take my mom to dinner. Just the two of us.
  27. Go fishing with my Dad


  1. Go on a couples retreat with my honey.
  2. Buy Andrew a cookie cake for no reason
  3. Spend 1 hour a day with Andrew, no TV, no computers, just us.
  4. Buy Andrew 2 new work uniforms
  5. Do a couple's devotional before bed with Andrew
  6. Write an updated 100 Reasons I Love You List for Andrew
  7. Write in our Love Book every week
  8. Let Andrew take me canoeing
  9. Go camping with the family (and not complain about it!)


  1. Take Josie to the Yellow Daisy Festival
  2. Take advantage of the free days at Imagine-It (0/33)
  3. Build a sandcastle
  4. Potty train Josie
  5. Write in Josie's Love Letter book at least 1x month (0/33)
  6. Take Josie to Noah's Ark
  7. Take Josie to the movie theater
  8. Take a family trip to the aquarium
  9. Do a photo book every year for Josie (1/4)
  10. Take Josie to the dentist
  11. Build a playhouse for Josie
  12. Go to Disney World before Josie is 3


  1. Organize Josie's art supplies so we can actually use them
  2. Wash all the baseboards in my house
  3. Touch up the chipped paint on our walls
  4. Hang the pictures sitting on the floor around our house - Done!
  5. Make my own cleaning products - Done!
  6. Order picture prints 1x month (0/33)
  7. Make a list of birthdays and send cards
  8. Compile a family photo album
  9. Create a recipe book
  10. Make an address list for Christmas cards
  11. Clean and washout the fridge 1x month (0/33)
  12. Make grass grow in the backyard!
  13. Make curtains for breakfast room - Done!
  14. Create a daily, weekly, monthly cleaning list
  15. Replace missing weather stripping on garage door
  16. Get our bedroom door fixed
  17. Paint playroom and make it fun!
  18. Get 3 plants for inside the house (and don't kill them!)


  1. Write one personalized, hand written card every week (1/143)
  2. Host a Mother's Day Brunch
  3. Spend an afternoon reconnecting with Missy
  4. Attend or create a playgroup 1x month (0/33)
  5. Call Vanessa, Kayla, and Kayla once a month. See them if possible! (0/33)


  1. Plant a small vegetable garden
  2. Use only my reusable bags at the grocery store
  3. Start Recycling our plastic items


  1. Sew Josie's Halloween costume
  2. Plant a flower bed
  3. Take a sewing class
  4. Take a quilting class
  5. Give meaningful Christmas gifts next year
  6. Learn to knit
  7. Make homemade ice cream
  8. Make a diaper cake
  9. Make cute pillows for the couch
  10. Paint pottery at a paint your own pottery place
  11. Buy something on Esty


  1. Do not go to Target for a month!
  2. Don't eat out for 30 days in a row!
  3. Use random gift cards in my wallet
  4. Pay extra on our debts
  5. Open a savings account for Josie
  6. Update our will
  7. Sell my wedding dress
  8. Learn to make a perfect espresso at home - Done!


  1. Go on a homeless outreach
  2. Volunteer at a Women's Center or Pregnancy Crisis Center
  3. Foster at least one child
  4. Become a certified Respite Home for foster parents
  5. Participate in Toys for Tots
  6. Volunteer at the Foster Child Christmas Party
  7. Bake a treat for Andrew's employees 1x month (0/33)
  8. Take Boomer for a walk (or play with him) every week
  9. Bring at least 2 friend with us to the Faith Hope Adoption Charity Event

Shew! I'd better get to work!


Brooke said...

Yeah!!! What a great list. So glad you are doing this - we can keep each other "honest" as we make our way through the list :) Please feel free to kick my butt if you don't see me making many updates on my list!

Kameron said...

I love that you decided to do this too! I love seeing other people make and work through their list! Like Brooke said, we'll keep eachother honest and motivated!

Adelaine said...

I am attempting to make my list - it's harder to come up with goals than what I thought it would be!! Great list!! Don't be suprised if I steal some :)

Kayla said...

Aww I'm mentioned! I've been reading your blog and updating myself on your life for abt 2 hours now. I'm revving mine back up...last semester was just hard because I was trying to adjust to school, I think. I'm excited! :)

I may see you guys tomorrow night, btw. ;)

Betsy said...

I love, love, love this. I am so doing this. It really got me thinking. Thanks.