A Photofree Christmas

Yup, I forgot to charge my camera battery and then left the charger at Andrew's parents house so we don't have any pictures from Christmas. Which is a shame since Josie and I got all spiffied up for church on Christmas Eve and got to see a lot of old friends that I would have liked to have pictures of.
And it would have been hilarious to get Josie's picture after I let her have some Pepsi at the mall of Friday. She was entertaining everyone!
Andrew was a Waffle Maniac all Christmas. They did the amount of sales in each shift that they usually do in a whole day. So that's awesome! He worked doubles to save on payroll (woo hoo, bigger bonuses!) so Josie and I were temporary Kastor's all weekend and spent the holidays with Amy's family! It was so fun and I really appreciate them letting us crash their party!
After I finally charged my battery on Saturday I did manage to get some pictures of Josie using her new things.
Her Christmas was definitely a "housewife who loves art" themed Christmas! She got a ton of things to go with her new kitchen, some cleaning supplies that are just her size, the cutest apron and chefs hat, a TON of art supplies, and some Little People! Plus my Mom finished up her curtains so now her room is a total girly room! It was a great Christmas!
Her watercolors are a huge hit! She painted for over an hour and she has pretty much got her colors down now. I think I'm going to get a big frame for this masterpiece!One of my favorite things about Christmas is seeing what my Dad comes up with for our envelopes!
He is an amazing artist and on top of that is pretty much the funniest guy I know.
He used to decorate my lunch bag with cartoons and pictures of him and me. I was always the hit of the lunch table!
Last year he did a big card. This year the envelope was for Josie! I'll be saving it in her memory box.


Kameron said...

That is so cute! I wish I had artistic ability. Josie looks adorable in her apron and hat!