Curly Sue

How does this...Turn into this...
Now that is some serious curl action!


Crystal said...

I love Josie's hair. It's gorgeous!

bri said...

Oh my goodness i love her hair. Our Bear's hair is curly like that if we let it grow out. Of course being a boy we like the little boy haircut on him(after we got permission to cut it).

Oh and by the way the chicken pot pie recipe...AMAZING! We eat that at least once a month! so simple to make, especially if you buy the pie crusts (two to a box rolled up... they are located next to the canned biscuits in the refrigerated section of grocery stores normally).
We did another version after Thanksgiving of a turkey pot pie... using the left over turkey meat.


The Beaver Bunch said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. Your family is beautiful.

Holly said...


don't ever straighten it or her curls will stop coming back :[