Not Me Monday!

Oh boy! What a week!

It wasn't me who ignored the signs of an oncoming cold last Sunday so that I wouldn't have to miss out on Halloween festivities. I always take excellent care of myself and when I don't feel well, I always cancel all my plans to allow time for rest.

I did not come down with a serious illness that night. (Boo). I did not spend my week, coughing, hacking, snotting, sleeping, blowing my nose, or not being able to taste the delicious candy I did not eat all week. (hey, it's the week before Halloween. I gotta test all the candy.)

I did not beg my husband to go get me a cough suppressant last Wednesday night at midnight hoping to get at least a couple hours of sleep in before work. After he did not go get me said medicine, I did not proceed to take the huge measuring cup he brought me and then proceed to pass out.

I did not wake up late and in a NyQuil induced daze just six hours later. I did not go to the kitchen and read that I was only supposed to take ONE capful, not two!!! (no wonder I couldn't snap out of it!)

I did not fear for my life when driving that morning. I am way more responsible then driving while drugged up on cough medicine.

I was not at all jealous when Andrew decided to bring Josie to daycare on his day off instead of keeping her so that he could go out with an old friend. I cherish every second I get to spend with my Josie Kat and NEVER wish her daycare was open on the weekends. I do not need grownup time.

I did not pretend to fall asleep one night just as the dryer buzzed to get out of folding the laundry. I would never milk a sickness!

I was in no way proud when my baby said her first really long sentence this week! ("No no Boo-Boo's! Don't push the baby down!) I did not pretend that she actually said the words in the right order to make her smile.

I did not have to put away our summer clothes this weekend. We live in the south and it is always a breezy 78 degrees. We don't need sweaters.

I did not give in to the persistant ice cream (Marble Slab, german chocolate with cookie dough mixed in to be exact) craving that I harbored all week. I am made of will power.

It wasn't me that got TWO wonderful suprises from two different amazing people this week. Surely it wasn't my husband who brought me Starbuck and Subway when I wasn't feeling well only to be followed by my BFF bringing me another Starbucks on Friday! Man I know I'm not that lucky!

It wasn't me who displayed extreme will power by not buying any of the clothes I wanted while out shopping with my Amers...And I know it won't be me at those same stores today buying said clothing. I never give in to temptation!

What didn't you do this week????


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

OMG I was totally laughing over those!! HILARIOUS! We would NEVER do such things! LOL

REALLY enjoyed your blog. I did NOT go to MckMama's Not Me list from LAST week to find your blog either...LOL

Kameron said...

I too was sick this weekend and did the insane thing of taking Nyquil at 4 in the morning when I woke up all stuffy and sneezy. I also did not feel like I was in a zombie like coma the whole morning on Sunday!

heidi said...

Ahhh..the dreaded Nyquil hangover. Which, I suppose, is intensified if you double the dose. ;-)

Sugar Mommy said...

I have NOT taken any amount of Tylenol Cold and Sinus, AM or PM formulas, this week...while pregnant.

I would NEVER ask you to keep that a secret either.

Allmykids123 said...

That Nyquil is good stuff.. if you can sleep through the entire next day! Found you on MckMama's website and wanted to check out your Not Me's! They're great.

Rose C said...

Love your not me monday! And love your blog layout, I have the same one!

Jennifer said...

Great Not Me's! Isn't Nyquil wonderful?! LOl!

Anonymous said...

Anyday is a good day that you get a Starbucks! Hope you get to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Anyday you get Starbucks is a great day!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

All wives are entitled to milk a sickness from time to time with their family. Completely justified. It is one of the few times that we get the rest we so desperately need. Although, I am thinking that the double dose of Nyquil probably didn't help matters too much. :)

Wonderful Not-Me's today!

Ashley Griffin said...

i am made of extreme willpower too!! :)

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Sorry you were sick.. but you sounds like you were well taken care of.

Makes me want to totally NOT fake an illness.. I could use a starbucks!!

Congrats on your "baby's first sentance!"


iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

oh I am dreading cold and flu season - dreading it!!!!

Ordinary Mom said...

Great post! I have never done the laundry bit either!

Pam said...

I am sure glad nothing like that happened to you this week!

I have two beautiful adopted kids too!! Come over and have a peek!!

Meaghan said...

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Im giving away 1 lb of Gourmet Coffee or Tea from my new online coffee shop: Get The Bean.

We will be doing giveaways weekly so be sure to stop by often.


Crystal said...

SHOPPING, i love shopping. Hubby keeps me from doing as much as I would have being single, LOL> And thats okay, thank God for Hubbys