Halloween Party!

Sunday afternoon was the annual Halloween Party! All the kids look so cute (even if they only left their costumes on for about 5 minutes!). Josie was in no mood for a group shot! She's breaking her molars plus she had a crazy busy weekend with only a very short nap before the party. So I kindly removed her from the picture so that the other parents could have a good picture!My favorite type of picture is a behind the scenes type shot. I think they are so funny and show the real situation! Especially when there are kids involved!
Josie's costume turned out so great! It was a little cuter before, but we had cooler weather then I was expecting so I had to make some last minute adjustments. It still turned out adorable. She looked like a little fairy ballerina, which was what I was going for so I was pretty excited about that! She didn't want to carry her pixie dust bag though.Of course she fell and busted her lip right before the party so she had a nice swollen lip.
Josie loves Amy's dad!
We ended the night with a bird pooping on Tiffany! It was crazy! I'm pretty sure I've never seen that happen before!
We had to leave early for our Bible Study so Josie had to miss out on the pinata fun. We have a couple other Halloween festivities so I'm hoping to get a better shot of her costume! I love holidays!


The Glover Family said...

Who is your bible study with? We were sad that ya'll left.

Amber said...

Joise's costume turned out sooo cute! You did a great job on it!