"Go Night Night"

Every night, around 7:30, you can find our entire family laying on the floor in our play area. Josie's newest game is telling me and Andrew to go Night Night. We all take turns laying down and going night night. Snoring is required.When she gets sick of our snoring, it's her babies turn to go night night. She kinda piles them all up, we'll have to work on that before she is allowed to put her younger siblings to bed! She has also started to make a smooching noise when she wants us to follow her. Kind of like when you are calling a dog. Not sure who taught her that, but it's hilarious.
Josie Kat is just so sweet right now. It's innocent little games like she is playing now that I will miss as she grows up. But that's a long ways off. Right now, we will all lay on the floor and go night night together for as long as she'll let us.