Daddy Days...

One of the perks of Andrew's new job is that he usually has a couple days off during the week so he can keep Josie. It's great, he gets to spend time with his baby and we save money on daycare.
The past couple weeks Andrew has either been off on the weekend days or had stuff going on where he couldn't keep Josie. Yesterday was his first day back on Daddy Duty.
This is what I found five minutes after I walked in the door...It was 5:45! I guess Josie is more exhausting then Waffle House!
Josie was quite pleased with herself and her daddy wearing out skills! At least he waited until I got home to fall asleep! Today is round two. Since he went to sleep at 8:15 last night, I would think he'll be more up to the task!
They did go vote though!!! Yea for civic duty!!


Amy said...

Hi Nicole. I just thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Amy and I'm from up North in Ontario (canada). I came across your blog on the weekend from MckMama blog. And I've read through your WHOLE blog from the begining. We have quite a bit in common.

My husband and I married when I was 21 and he was 24. We started to try and concieve a year later with no luck. We were later diagnoised with "unexplained infertility". At the time I wish someone would say "this is whats wrong and this is what we can do to fix it". But nope - we were both "fine".

We choose not to go through extensive testing (which maybe then they could have found something? who knows. We did basic testing and left it at that). We talked and prayed about it and came to the conclusion that we were not going to put all of our time, energy and money into ferility testing and procedures. No IVF or drugs. There are so many children already out there that need homes. We can provide that. So we looked into fostering/adoption. We were approved when I was 23 and my husband was 25 (the second youngest that they have EVER approved). We did the extra training for adoption but were told we did not have enough "parenting experience" to adopt - but we were ok to foster. Not sure how many first time parents have parenting experience!

Anyways, at that point we were looking at fostering FIRST, then were going to look at adoption later. So we weren't too upset. Our first placement we got 2 weeks later, a 13 month old baby boy named Chance. To make a long story short, he is now OUR SON! He will be 5 in 4 weeks. We have many other children come into our homes since him. April 2007 we had twin boys (22 months old) come. In Oct 07 biomom signed over her rights on the condition they stay with us. Great! Joe and Manny are thier names and they are now 3 and half. We still have NOT adopted them b/c the agancy is taking thier sweet ole time. They had to update our homestudy (which they didn't even start until Sept 2008!!!!) So hopefully we can sign the first set of papers SOON.

In May 2008 Joe and Manny mom had another baby that was apprehended at birth. Biomom said that she wants that baby with us. It's a girl - and biomom wants her with her brothers and with my husband and I. She is now 5 and half months and is STILL NOT WITH US! They've been waiting to complete our homestudy for Joe and Manny first, before they focused on this baby. So we found out last Wednesday that our homestudy has not only been approved for the twins, but they are also going to approve us to adopt the baby. But guess what? Still haven't heard anything. Joe and Manny adoption worker told us 5 weeks ago to prepare for the baby (who we are going to name Terra - our first child that we get to choose thier first name!). So we did, we got all the baby bottles sterilized, diapers bought, clothes shopping (which I now have to return some b/c she had probably outgrown them by now).

This December will mark our 5 years of trying to conceive. But we have been able to adopt 3 (soon to be 4) children. And have fostered 15 more which has been an amazing experience. (we did have a baby that came to us from the hosiptal at 2 days old - lived with us for 7 months until they moved him into another adoptive home. They would not let us adopt him b/c he was half black, and we were not!). We were devestated. His (adoptive) parents are AWSOME. We see him once a month, and get pictures weekly. Turned out to be good - although we still wish he was with us!!!

So, that's me in a nut shell. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your blog. Watching Josie grow from a 8 month old baby into an almost 1 1/2 year old toddler. It's been amazing to see (esp. since I got to do it on fast foward). lol. She looks like such a happy girl and you can tell she is loved beyound belief. She is such an answer to prayer to bring your family together. She looks so happy, she looks like she belongs right where she should be. With her Mommy and Daddy.

I cried when I read and saw the pictures of the day you were in court. Remembering that day with my first son, and the anticipation of it to come again. I remember the emotions I felt, and being able to see it in another family was amazing. I LOVE the pic of the judge throwing Josie in the air. :) Priceless! That has to be my favourite blog entry. You know she was "yours" before that day. But it is just so nice to FINAL.
Anyways, this is probably the longest comment you've had. So I'm sorry. If you want, my e-mail is chance.2003@hotmail.com
Have a great day.

And now, after all that we have been through - infertility turned out to be my answer to prayer. My prayer to be a mom. If God answered it by allowing me to become pregnant I would not have my children, and that I am thankfull for. (altthough don't get me wrong, it's still hard - but I am content and happy with where my life as brought me as a result).

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

I am going to go try to early vote tomorrow with "only" the 4 and 2 year old - sigh.

Should be interesting