Fun Times!

We were finally able to get everyone together for a cookout again now that Andrew is back on a normal work schedule. We really missed having everyone over! We had about 25 people over so it was really fun!Next time we are going to move the grill to the side of the house because Andrew smoked us all out when he was grilling!Julian was so stinking cute! He literally played right here by the pool for about 3 hours! He was happy as can be!Josie makes me laugh. She really isn't too sure about herself with her little friends yet. She'll play with them for a few minutes, but then needs to find me or Andrew for some reassurance.Even though Andrew popped the pool in two different places, the kids had so much fun!UH OH!!! Josie and Everett were more interested in the cooler then they were all the toys. These two are a bit mischievous when they are together! This picture was just funny timing. We promptly took it away and covered up the cooler!Thank God someone donated this extra long picnic table! It's perfect for our get togethers!We were missing our Amy! Tiff is so great. I love spending time with her! She got some awesome 3D Ultrasound pictures of little Ean. SO COOL!On Saturday Josie and I drove down to Lenox to waste some time until my mom's flight got in. She was supposed to be in around noon, but of course there were delays and she didn't end up getting to the hotel until about 4. Josie and I spent the afternoon shopping. She got to have a big thing of Chocolate Milk and I got to go to H&M for over an hour, so we were both happy campers!!Mae Mae was worth the wait!! Josie ran up to her with open arms when she walked into the hotel. I think that made my mom's day! They played with the closet door for a long time!Josie has some weird bumps that are spreading on her legs and a few on her arms. I think it's an allergic reaction from something in the yard. So we had to go to Target to get some cream to put on them. I love Target.Room Service for the Princess of Quite A Lot.This is Josie's new best friend, Mr. Frog. The thing is bigger then she is, but she insists on carrying him by herself! Pretty funny to watch!