The Beach!!

We packed up last Thursday and headed down to my Dad's house for some much needed Grandpa and Grandma time. We planned to be on the road nice and early, but we had a little oil trouble at Wal-Mart. Josie didn't mind the wait though, she fell in love with this Barbie Car!Before too long we were on our way. Don't let this next picture fool you, she only slept for about 20 minutes on the way there and about an hour on the way home! She is a great traveler, but she needed a nap both ways so it got a little rough towards the end of the trip.We surprised my Dad at work and then went on to the house. My Dad bought her a sandbox and made her a beach! She loved it! She loved the pool! She wouldn't keep her hat on though. I guess she thought Daddy needed it more then she did. He does look pretty cute!Here she is swimming with Grandma!Saturday night we went to Aly's dance recital. It was really good and she did an amazing job! Josie was so funny, she danced during every song and was really upset when the music would go off during the breaks! I guess we might have a dancer on our hands!I love this picture! Out to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma!On Sunday we headed for the beach! It was absolutely PERFECT weather! 90 with a really nice breeze. We lathered Josie up with sunscreen and sent her on her way. She screeched at new octaves when she saw the ocean! She wasn't scared at all!She did have a death grip on my fingers when the waves would come in! I don't think I've ever seen a sweeter sight then when I see these two playing together. Their love is so pure and deep. I really fall in love with Andrew all over again every time I see the way he loves this little girl.
What a good looking family!
And I finally got my smiley picture with Josie! Too bad I have my sunglasses on and my hair is a hot mess!
We drove back late last night. We're all tired today, but we had such a great vacation. I can't wait for our next one!