fWe had another great weekend! It seems like we have more fun every week lately.
Well, the weekend was destined to be great since it started with Andrew getting the job he's been wanting on Friday! Yup, his vacation is over. He starts training tomorrow and he is so excited! We can't wait to see how God is going to use him in this new chapter of his life! We decided to go celebrate by going out to dinner, which is something we have not done in a REALLY long time! When we first got married we went out to eat at least four times a week.
On a side note, we decided that we are going to have to do some serious work to keep Josie's ego in check. It seems like every where we go people go crazy about her. Of course we think she is beautiful, but it seems like everyone else does too!
We went grocery shopping with the Glovers on Saturday. We decided that it made more sense to carpool to Whole Foods rather then drive alone. It was fun! Jason had class and he was almost late because we all wanted to go down every isle together. Oh well, he made it! On the way back Andrew decided to teach Everett how to drive:

Don't worry, Tiff was in the car and thought it was a good idea!
So Tiff and I are putting groceries away and playing with the kids when we look out the window and see the scariest man we have ever seen. He was walking through the yard in the rain with a raincoat on pulled over his head with a machete in his hand. We were so scared! And then, the man turned around and it was... my husband!He was going to cut down trees! A little warning next time please?!?
A couple hours later we had another strange man come knocking on the window with a gun in his hands!Wait a minute... That's Jason! Tiff, I think there is something wrong with our husbands!
We had a bunch of friends over for an impromptu fiesta on Saturday night. It started as the Glovers and Castellanos getting together at one of their houses for dinner. Then Andrew and I invited ourselves and said we could do it at our house for intruding. Before we knew it we had 11 adults and five little people!It was so fun and I didn't have to cook or clean at all! Pretty sweet! Amy won the prize for the biggest burrito. You go girl!

Our next get together is going to be a Pasta Party and I can't wait! Pretty soon we're going to do a kid free dinner party. That will be nice!

Sunday Andrew had to go fill out his new employee paperwork so Josie and I just hung out at the house. We talked about it and decided that there was nothing wrong with staying in our pj's all day. So that is exactly what we did!She is fascinated with my ponytail! And her face looks goofy, but she was mid smile. I think she is adorable!
Andrew will be working this weekend so we'll be on our own again. I'm planning a girls shopping day (if any of you girls want in just let me know!) and maybe a trip to the park on Sunday. We'll be having lots of girls weekends since Andrew will be on a rotating schedule. I have already committed one day every weekend to going to the pool! Finally I might be able to get a good tan! Josie is now walking! She can't go all out yet, but she's taking a good amount of steps at a time and seems to improve everyday! I'll try to post a video tomorrow!