Let The Countdown Begin!

This is my 100th post!

We now have 1 day and 22 hours until we say goodbye to Brittany Hall and hello to Josie Pope! I'm starting to get REALLY excited! You know, that kind of excited where time seems to crawl by! We just found out that Andrew's dad and step mom will be in town for his step sister's birthday so they will be able to come to the adoption. They haven't met Josie so that will be cool for them to get to see her. They get in tonight around midnight. Now all I have to do is figure out how to clean the house and yard before they get here! Andrew is home with Josie today so hopefully they will be able to get some of it done!
I didn't think this would be emotional since I have known she was going to be ours forever since the beginning, but it is definitely an emotional experience. I guess it's like being excited that your pregnant, but then having that extra surge of love and gratitude when you actually hold the baby. She will be ours forever. I'm going to be her Mom and Andrew will be her Dad! This is going to be amazing!
I am so in love with her.

Andrew's job situation is looking up too. Life is finally beginning to make sense again and it's all falling into place. God is so faithful.